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    ourMascot Caramel

    Caramel raises money for a good cause!

    He is a 10 years old cocker spaniel that lives in the Hotel Regina and loves to explore the village and its surroundings.
    Caramel is owned by Guido and Ariane, the owners of the Regina and is very popular with the regular guests of the hotel who often greet him first before checking in.
    In the last few years, Caramel has been one of the key characters of the hotel and has his own fans who check the weekly updates of his adventures on the hotel’s Facebook page.
    The idea came from Amanda, the daughter of the owners, who started the ´walk Caramel to raise money to fight cancer´ action.
    Guido is happy that Caramel is out in the fresh air at every possible opportunity and the money raised supports a good cause and makes a difference.
    – Jungfrau Zeitung January 21, 2015, translation

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